Acoustic torpedo

Acoustic torpedoes are an utility ammunition, used both by human navy and the "Fleet of Fog". Most often these torpedoes can be found on submarines, but heavy cruiser Ashigara has been seen using them as well.

Acoustic TorpedoEdit

Acoustic torpedoes (sometimes, sonar torpedoes) are an utility ammunition, well known ever since World War II. The charge carried by this torpedo creates a powerful sound wave upon explosion, temporarily making sonars useless. Additionally, the ping from this sound wave can be used by the passive sonar to trace the objects located close to the acoustic torpedo's explosion.

Also, if the enemy vessel has a human sonar operator, an explosion of an acoustic torpedo will likely deafen that person, which makes them especially dangerous against submarines with human crews (I-401, U-2501 as well as Hakugei III).

The charge in the acoustic torpedo's warhead lacks the power to do any noticeable damage to a vessel's armor, but it is still powerful enough to detonate other torpedoes and anti-submarine missiles nearby, which means that the acoustic torpedoes can be used as the last desperate attempt to protect the vessel from incoming barrage.

Most commonly, acoustic torpedoes can be found on various submarines, however, surface vessels may have these torpedoes in their arsenals as well. Heavy cruiser Ashigara used acoustic torpedoes during her searches for I-401 by detonating them and listening to 'pings'.


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