SGCS-01 Itsukushima & SGCS-02 Hashidate
Auxiliary sgcs
Auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon ships
Japanese Name: SGCS-01 イツクシマ
SGCS-02 ハシタテ
First appearance:
Manga: Chapter 40
Anime: n/a
Vessel's status:
Affiliation "Blue Steel",
I-401, Hyuuga
Status active
General information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" custom support vessels
Displacement Unknown
Length ~240 m
Beam Unknown
Draft Unknown
Maximal Speed Unknown
Armament Super-Graviton Cannon, Super-Graviton Cannon amplifiers
Wave-Force Armor Unknown
Mental Model n/a

Auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon ships are submarine-like drone support vessels created by Hyuuga for I-401. These two vessels have the ability to amplify the power of a Super-Graviton cannon as their main purpose, however they can fire it by themselves as well.

SGCS-01 Itsukushima and SGCS-02 Hashidate are based on Hyuuga's Flagship equipment and are powered by the engines salvaged from the Hyuuga's hull. While those engines do the job, the auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon Ships are still slow, noisy and lack stealth capabilities.

Auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon ShipsEdit

These strange twin drone vessels that look like giant roughly-cut hexagonal cylinders that have been created by the battleship Hyuuga's Mental Model for her 'goddess' I-401. These monstrous vessels were first deployed when I-401 sniped resupply vessel Milchkuh during Takao's battle with U-2501.

Auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon Ships are mostly unarmed, though they can fire a Super-Graviton cannon by themselves. It is unknown, whether these vessels have Wave-Force armor, but they most definitely lack Union Cores. and thus need to be externally controlled at all times.

These two vessels actually have basic bridges, but a human operator can't really control them beyond basics. An external control by a Mental Model is required for them to operate at their full potential. Normally, this is Hyuuga's task.

Power-up providedEdit


Super-Graviton Cannon inboard of I-401

I-401 is in possession of a Super-Graviton cannon - it was looted from sunk battleship Hyuuga. This is a moderately-powerful Super-Graviton cannon. It creates a spatial distortion that appears like a sag in the ocean during the charge-up.

I-401's Super-Graviton Cannon amplified by the auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon ships.

However, with the auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon ships there to amplify its power, I-401's Super-Graviton Cannon becomes much more powerful and can destroy targets 140km away with a single hit. The spatial distortion is also much greater and appears like the ocean parting all the way to the bottom.

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