Hong kong

Hong Kong naval port

Hong Kong is a major naval port on the southeastern coast of China, which remained active even after the "Fleet of Fog" had won the Great Naval Battle of 2039.

Hong Kong naval portEdit

Since Hong Kong used to be a major commercial center in the past, it is no surprise that the local port is very big. This might be a reason why it managed to remain active even years after the humanity had been pushed out of the seas by the "Fleet of Fog". However, it appears that now, in 2056, the port is being ran by local mafia.

Following her battle with Takao and the loss of resupply vessel Milchkuh, U-2501 went to this port to resupply and for the repairs. Zordan pays for these with a promise to deliver some cargo to Taiwan.

Trivia and interesting factsEdit

  • According to the mafiosi who manages the port, I-401 has also visited Hong Kong at some point. And much like U-2501, she didn't stay there for long.
  • U-2501's weapon operator, Romuald, managed to find himself a girlfriend while U-2501 stayed in this port.
  • The grunts mafia used to guard the place are armed with Kalashnikov's assault rifles. Presumably the AK-47, which would be close to 80 years old in design by now.

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