Arpeggio of Blue Steel (蒼き鋼のアルペジオ Aoki Hagane no Arupejio) is a Japanese manga series produced by Ark Performance and serialized in Shōnen Gahosha's Young King Ours. Twelve volumes have been completed so far.

General plotEdit

The series depict a slightly futuristic world of mid-21st century where humanity had lost much of the Earth's landmass due to the rising sea levels, caused by global warming. Almost as a response of Nature itself, mysterious battleships that look like reincarnations of WWII vessels start appearing all around the world, always surrounded by fog.

At first, the action was centered on Chihaya Gunzou and his crew as they battled against the "Fleet of Fog" with the help of I-401 and her anthropomorphic avatar Iona, however, as the story progressed the focus shifted somewhat, allowing quite a few of the "Fleet of Fog" vessels' Mental Models into the limelight as well.

Arpeggio of Blue SteelEdit

WARNING! The following pages contain unmarked spoilers for the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio manga!

Part IEdit

Volume 01
Chapters 1-5
Volume 02
Chapters 6-11
Volume 03
Chapters 12-17
Volume 04
Chapters 18-24
Volume 05
Chapters 25-30
Volume 06
Chapters 31-36
Volume 07
Chapters 37-42
Volume 08
Chapters 43-47
Volume 09
Chapters 48-53
Volume 10
Chapters 54-60
Volume 11
Chapters 61-66
Volume 12
Volume 12
Chapters 67-79

Part IIEdit

Volume 13
Chapters 80-?

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