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Volume 01 is the opening volume of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" manga and does the introduction of the setting and main characters. It covers the Saga prefecture mission undertaken by I-401 and her crew, as well as their battle with heavy cruiser Takao on their way to Yokosuka city.

This volume includes chapters #1 to #5, which were published in Shōnen Gahōsha's Young King OURs magazine between September 30, 2009 and July 30, 2010.

This volume has been officially released in English on July 1, 2014.

Volume 01Edit

Guide LineEdit

Volume 01 tankōbon cover contains the first part of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" guide line:

  • 1990s: The Russian Navy develops 'VA-111 Shkval' torpedo, which uses the supercavitation effect, and deploys them.
  • 1996-2006: During these ten years the rate of loss of West Antarctic Ice Sheet increases by 59%. Concerns over rising sea levels increase.
  • 2007: The United States Department of Defense reveals the existence of an experimental vessel based on the "Underwater Express" plan that it revealed two years earlier. They announce that the experimental vessel achieved the speed of 110 knots.
  • 2012-?:
    • From this time on the sightings of "ghost ships" are reported all around the world. All witnesses state that they saw World War II era battleships surrounded by thick fog.
    • Many countries around the world begin deploying high-precision homing supercavitation torpedoes. As such torpedoes can achieve speed of over 250 knots, all ships made before this point have become obsolete. Every is forced to rebuild their naval tactics from the ground up.
    • Almost all normal torpedoes are phased out in favor of supercavitation torpedoes, which can now achieve the speed of over 300 knots. This changes naval battles forever. The world enters a new era of trial and error: the ships are made extremely big and extremely small, and so on.
  • 2038
    • The "ghost ships" which weren't given much mind prior to this point, start appearing frequently and close to the shores all around the world.
    • For trespassing the Russian waters, a Russian patrol fleet engages the "ghost ships". Russian Navy is annihilated.
    • International wariness about the "ghost ships" rise. Serious investigations into them by numerous countries result in exactly nothing. The "ghost ships" start attacking the navies of world powers in December 2038.

Chapter 1Edit

This chapter begins with Chihaya Gunzou and I-401 protecting a daughter of Southern region councilman from Yakuza mobsters and continues onto the I-401's next mission where they protect an SSTO launch site in Saga prefecture from the attack of "Fleet of Fog" light cruiser Nagara.

The chapter then goes onto a brief backstory of the "Fleet of Fog" taking over the seas and we're a treated with a glimpse of Chihaya Gunzou's meeting with Iona, I-401's anthropomorphic avatar, a couple of years prior to the current days.

Finally, we see assistant secretary Kamikage arriving aboard of I-401 to offer Gunzou, his crew mates and I-401 a new and very important job: delivering the "humanity's last hope" from Yokosuka city and all the way across the Pacific ocean to the United States of America.

Chapter 2Edit

Assistant Secretary Kamikage goes into more details about the job he's offering, while also handing Gunzou the official documents that grant him and I-401's crew the amnesty for their past actions and the documents that recognize I-401 as his property. He also informs Gunzou that the SSTO he had protected in Saga prefecture was shot down over Hawaii - which is the reason why he offers them the job to deliver the "humanity's last hope" in the first place.

Meanwhile, Cruz Herder and his Navy SEALs are 'crawling' around I-401, ready to take it over by force, however, before it comes to that, Kamikage tells them to withdraw.

We also get the first glimpses on what the "Fleet of Fog" is doing. Namely, we see Kongou and Takao reacting to I-401 setting sail for Yokosuka.

Chapter 3Edit

This chapter depicts little bit about Iona and the mysteries that surround her causing a certain crew member being unsure about her true loyalties, but mostly it deals with I-401's attempt to get past Takao by using the Typhoon 11 as her cover. That doesn't quite work as Takao manages to almost snipe I-401 with her Super-Graviton Cannon.

Chapter 4Edit

The chapter begins with I-401 and her crew fighting off Takao's assault so that they can disappear into the ocean and think of a new plan to get past the Radar picket heavy cruiser.

After that, we're shown the reaction of Japanese officials to the news about I-401's clash with Takao in the waters near Nagoya. The same scene also hits to the great tension that exists between Japanese Navy and Japanese Army.

Then the focus shifts back to I-401 as Gunzou suspects the existence of another vessel paired up with Takao and proposes his very daring plan to defeat the aforementioned heavy cruiser.

Chapter 5Edit

The I-401's counterattack, during which it is revealed that Takao's partner was a surveillance submarine I-501. I-501 then destroyed by I-401 own Super-Graviton Cannon (looted from Hyuuga) and the save Super-Graviton Cannon is used to force Takao to surrender and withdraw into the open seas, thus allowing I-401 to continue on her way to Yokosuka city.

At the end of the chapter, Chihaya Gunzou voices a few of his thoughts about the importance of the Mental Models and their possible role in the events of the nearest future.

  Manga guide Volume 02

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