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Volume 03 of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" manga covers the conclusion of the battle in the Yokosuka bay as well as its immediate aftermath.

This volume includes chapters #12 to #17, which were published in Shōnen Gahōsha's Young King OURs magazine between February 27, 2011 and August 30, 2011.

This volume has been officially released in English on January 20, 2015.

Volume 03Edit

Guide LineEdit

Volume 03 tankōbon cover contains the third part of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" guide line:

  • 2054:
    • An unmanned probe patrolling close to Japan spots someone thought to be captain Chihaya Shouzou on the bridge of the "Fleet of Fog" super-battleship Musashi. Japanese government descends into chaos and confusion.
    • The "Facility #4" Fire happens.
    • I-401 breaks out and sets sails. Its location is unknown. Four days later, I-401 appears before Chihaya Gunzou. The existence of Mental Models is confirmed at this time.
    • I-401 and Chihaya Gunzou, as well as four other students of the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology shake free from the government and flee Yokosuka.
  • 2055: I-401 moves to Sasebo and uses it as her base of operations. Shortly after, she sinks the flagship of the Second Oriental Fleet, battleship Hyuuga. The Second Oriental Fleet disappear for awhile after this. This is the first time a hole in the blockade around Japan opens. Oriental Fleets are forced to re-organize.
  • 2056:
    • The "Vibration Warhead", which was proposed by professor Osakabe as an anti-"Fog" warhead, is completed, but the impoverished Japan is unable to produce it (en masse).
    • The "Vibration Warhead" production project starts. The United States of America were chosen as the country of production. Four attempts to transport the prototype and blueprints fail.
    • The Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Military Affairs Kamikage Ryuujirou proposes a plan to use I-401 to transport the last remaining Vibration Warhead and its blueprints to USA. Leaders of the decentralized capitals give their consent.

Chapter 12Edit

Having finished with her attack, Hakugei III submarine attempts to disappear from the battleships Haruna and Kirishima by deploying a Sound-Cluster Torpedo, but it doesn't work for long as Kirishima quicly destroys the torpedo-deployed speakers. Then both battleships attempt to destroy Hakugei III, but are stopped by I-401.

Chapter 13Edit

I-401 combats both battleships directly for a little while before going into hiding herself. In order to get her out, Haruna and Kirishima first try to feed her the false information about the incoming reinforcements, and then just go ahead and bombard the whole area.

Meanwhile, Osakabe Makie, having escaped from the mansion gets a taxi to the Yokosuka port in hopes of seeing her (nonexistent) grandfather in action during the battle.

Chapter 14Edit

Battleships Haruna and Kirishima decide that it is time to end this all and so they merge together to gain access to their most powerful Super-Graviton Cannon. They then pull I-401 from under the rubble and attempt to destroy her with the cannon's shot. However, in order to fire their Super-Graviton Cannon, Haruna and Kirishima had to open their Klein Field, which renders them partially vulnerable to attacks. I-401 feeds this information to Hakugei III and they initiate the final stage of their plan, which involves Hakugei III firing the Corrosive Warhead Torpedo while I-401 provides the distraction barrage. Since Haruna and Kirishima didn't expect this, they took the hit and were subsequently destroyed.

Chapter 15Edit

Deals with the aftermath of the battle between I-401 and Hakugei III and Haruna and Kirishima. Among other things, America confirmed their intention to help Japan with mass-producing Vibration Warhead Torpedoes.

During the last panels of this chapter, heavy cruiser Maya, who is a part of Haruna's and Kirishima's fleet, makes her first appearance.

Chapter 16Edit

Maya learns about Haruna's and Kirishima's defeat and Kongou gives her a mission of extracting those two from Yokosuka city.

We're then shown the I-401 wind-down and given a few more glimpses into Gunzou's past and the history of I-401 crew. The chapter also depicts Takao arriving to Iwo Jima and being attacked (and defeated) by the island's defense systems (created and maintained by Hyuuga).

Chapter 17Edit

Osakabe Makie arrives to the port and finds the area covered in the fine silver sand of the nanomaterials. And being curious about a suspiciously-human-shaped hole in the side of one of the warehouses, she discovers Haruna's Mental Model, whom she assumed to be another human.

The chapter also shows superbattleship Musashi and her captain Chihaya Shouzou talking about their underlying sneaking into the Pacific ocean.

The last part of the chapter shifts focus back to I-401 and her crew as they are attacked by a mysterious vessel while on their way back to Iwo Jima, the only place where they can resupply with the nanomaterials and Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes.

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Special BookEdit

Contains a collection of "Fog Theater" 4-komas, notes on character designs, some other extras and features a story of Takao's adventures in New Hakodate where she meets Gunzou's mother - Saori - and, eventually, gets a blessing to be Gunzou's girlfriend from her.

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