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Volume 08 of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" manga covers the reunion between Haruna and Makie as well as the beginning of the battle between Kongou's hunting fleet and I-401.

This volume includes chapters #43 to #47, which were published in Shōnen Gahōsha's Young King OURs magazine between August 30, 2013 and November 29, 2013.

This volume has been officially released in English on September 20, 2016.

Volume 08Edit

Chapter 43Edit

Prime minister Osakabe Makoto entertains Haruna and co. by - among other things - showing then Takao's old apartment (the one she lived in during her stay in New Hakodate between chapters 5 and 10).

Meanwhile, I-402 returns to Yamato with what is left from Takao. The supreme flagship places a memory block on Takao, before reactivating her core and giving her nanomaterials to repair her Mental Model. The Tsundere heavy cruiser is still far from happy with the situation and, upon finding out that she can't go back to Gunzou, attacks Yamato. She's not very successful, though, and essentially loses the fight when Yamato's second Mental Model shows up.

Chapter 44Edit

Takao and Kotono Amaha have a conversation about the Mental Models and the Admiralty Code. Meanwhile, Zordan Stark is contacted by his commander, Chihaya Shouzou, and declares that he wants to continue his mission despite the losing Milchkuh and quite a few of seehunds.

Back in New Hakodate, Osakabe Makoto has another meeting with Haruna and co., at the end of which he informs the "Fog" trio that Makie refused to see them.

Chapter 45Edit

Haruna keeps visiting Makie, who is staying at the Chihaya mansion with Saori, but Makie still refuses to see her. And at some point the "Fog" trio discusses with Osakabe Makoto the security around the mansion and how much it stands out - Makoto even confirms that this is the reason Takao had discovered this place.

Speaking of the Tsundere heavy cruiser, Yamato has placed some further restrictions on her and now she is tagging along with I-402 to deliver a message to Assault and Suppression vessel Zuikaku.

At the end of the chapter, after having a talk with Maya, Haruna decided that she must see Makie no matter what and so she breaks into the Chihaya mansion.======chapter 46Edit

Haruna and Makie's tearful reunion. Which, apparently, was spied upon not only by the mistress of the mansion, but also by I-400.

Meanwhile, out in the seas, Hakugei III, which sails separately from I-401 for the time being, comes across two "Fleet of Fog" vessels running away from a small "Fleet of Fog" fleet that is trying to sink them.

Chapter 47Edit

The chapter starts with the officers inboard of Hakugei III discussing the occurrence and, eventually, determining one of the fleeing vessels to be battlecruiser Repulse. Then we see her herself as she and Vampire are trying to escape their pursuers.

Back to the events inboard of Hakugei III, the officers are trying to determine the best course of action in this previously-unheard of situation. Eventually, captain Komaki proclaims himself to be a part of the "Blue Steel" and orders to fire a Sound-Cluster Torpedo to help Repulse escape.

The last scene of the chapter involves Gunzou and Hyuuga discussing the origins of the Mental Models. It is then confirmed that Yamato is indeed the first vessel in the "Fleet of Fog" to gain one. And as two of them arrive to the bridge, they are informed about the detection of the relatively-massive fleet (organized by Kongou) approaching them..

Volume 07 Manga guide Volume 09

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