Matsushima shuttle submarine
Japanese Name: 松島
First appearance:
Manga: Chapter 49
Anime: n/a
Vessel's status:
Affiliation "Blue Steel",
Status upgraded into Matsushima II
General information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" custom vessels
Displacement Unknown
Length Unknown
Beam Unknown
Draft Unknown
Maximal Speed Unknown
Armament none
Wave-Force Armor Unknown
Mental Model n/a

Matsushima is a small and unusually-shaped shuttle submarine created by Hyuuga to transport herself and Gunzou to Bounomisaki.

Matsushima transport submarineEdit

Matsushima is a small non-autonomous submarine created by Hyuuga in order to transport herself and Gunzou to Bounomisaki, where, apparently, Hyuuga's hull is located. Unlike any other vessel seen so far, Matsushima is shaped like a wing, or, taking the orientation it takes while sailing, like an angelfish. The exact dimensions of this submarine are unknown, but it can't be more that fifteen meters long.

It can carry two passengers, who have to sit in semi-circular armchairs facing each other. And while this submarine isn't exactly the most comfortable vessel, it still has all necessary facilities to support a human for at least one day. Those were created for Gunzou's comfort as Hyuuga, being a Mental Model, has no real need for those.

While so far Matsushima was seen sailing passively, using undersea water currents to move towards a predetermined location, it was said that this is done in order to keep the submarine invisible to the "Fleet of Fog" vessels from the Second Oriental Fleet searching for I-401. Matsushima is most definitely equipped with her own engine, and she will use in once it starts the last leg of her voyage towards Bounomisaki.

Matsushima is equipped with a passive sonar; it is not known whether it has an active one. If there is one inboard, it was kept turned off if order not to attract the attention of the Kongou's party's vessels on the surface.

This is done because stealth is really important for this submarine: she is completely unarmed and isn't likely to possess any significant defenses either. She does not posses Wave-Force armor and would easily be destroyed with a single hit from any of the bigger weapons the "Fleet of Fog" vessels are armed with.


Matsushima, carrying Gunzou and Hyuuga successfully slips past the "Fleet of Fog" and makes its way to Bounomisaki, where, apparently, Hyuuga's hull is located.

After Hyuuga's hull is reclaimed, Matsushima is upgraded into Matsushima II and is loaded with dozens of Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes.