Saga prefecture space center

Saga prefecture is one of the prefectures in the northwest part of the island of Kyushu, Southern region of Japan (decentralized capital Nagasaki). The only confirmed SSTO launch site in Japan is located in this prefecture.

Because the only known Japanese space center is located here, Saga prefecture is a very important part of not just the Southern region, but of the whole post-Great Battle Japan. It is possible that there are other space centers, but those are yet to be shown.

Saga prefecture Space CenterEdit

Saga prefecture Space Center serves as a launching and landing site for SSTOs that allow sending goods and information across the ocean, most particularly, SSTO maintains a 'trading route' with United States. Since the space center is located on the shore, in order to protect it from the possible attacks from the "Fleet of Fog", a small fleet of human ships is stationed there. However, even a single light cruiser, Nagara, was able to obliterate that fleet and would have destroyed an SSTO had not I-401 sunk it.

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