Sound-Cluster torpedo fired by Hakugei III

Sound-Cluster torpedo is a high-caliber utility torpedo developed for Hakugei class submarines. Since its main and only purpose is hiding the vessel from enemy sonars, this torpedo can be considered to be a spiritual successor to Acoustic torpedoes, even if they work differently.

Sound-Cluster TorpedoEdit


Speakers of a Sound-Cluster Torpedo

Sound-Cluster Torpedoes are the next generation of utility torpedoes used to hide a submarine from enemy sonars. These torpedoes have been developed for Hakugei class submarines and have been field-tested during the battle against the "Fleet of Fog" battleships Kirishima and Haruna in the Yokosuka port.

Unlike Acoustic torpedoes, that explode for a powerful sound-wave that temporarily makes sonars useless, Sound-Cluster torpedo disperses 256 small speakers that create a continuous 'curtain' of sound. In order to allow Hakugei class submarine itself to 'see' what is going on around it, the speakers are modulated so that there is a 'peephole' in the sound curtain.

While the Sound-Cluster torpedo may seem like a better way to hide a submarine from enemy sonar, one must keep it in mind that the speakers are rather fragile and can easily be destroyed by an attack with large area of effect - just what Kirishima had done during the battle in the Yokosuka port. Furthermore, the modulation pattern of the speakers can be cracked, which will render the whole thing completely useless as an enemy will be able to see through the sound 'curtain' just as well as a Hakugei class submarine itself.